pathways | journeys | fire | labyrinths

performance and installation work in multiple sites throughout the old canberra brickworks
created at dusk the audience made their own work each night with fire, water, singing, lemons + spices

joint choreographic centre fellows 1998

these works were created in collaboration with artist rachael jennings during a six year artistic partnership creating dance, performance + spectacle

this work seeded all current collaborative practices and it always utilised ideas of hybridity, risk, the blurring of boundaries and roles within the creative practice

mark was also a major collaborator for these works and was the production manager and lighting designer for spices.
for mootjee he managed the entire parliament house team, was the production manager for the project as well as creating beautiful lighting that impressed everyone!




friendship | unity | reconciliation

performance celebrating 10 years of the council for reconciliation

an experience reconciling our many cultures

breakfast + art at the great hall, parliament house canberra for the prime minister



memories | childhood | traces | marks

it was new to us in those days!
performance + installation made with love, risk, beauty, water, sand and ritual

circus, dance, music, visual art

old tenerife wharves, brisbane

photographs by clare dyson